Thursday, 20 June 2013

Microsoft's Xbox 180: A win for consumers?


In the world of business we all know it is our money that does the talking 9 times out of 10. We can complain as vociferously as we like about product and company policies, but if we hand over our cash companies have no need to listen to us. Why? Because we tacitly support the things they are doing with the one thing they are interested in. Money! There is no way around it, big corporations like Microsoft only listen to the ringing of tills, so for those of you who think Microsoft were actually listening to us, rather than our money, you need a reality check.

It has been clear that around the world, post E3 Sony and their PS4 have been killing it with pre-orders pretty much everywhere. The scariest prospect for Microsoft though is that both fortress USA and their outpost in the UK were also falling to the enemy if Amazon's top 10 game purchases list was anything to go by... and not narrowly either. Sure the tills were ringing, just not for Xbox One and make no mistake, despite Larry Hryb claiming that Sony's reveal wouldn't have an effect on Microsoft's polices, this u-turn was becoming inevitable. It was more a case of 'when', not 'if'.

Introduction required


Right, I guess I really ought to introduce myself. I hear it's the done thing. Well if you've followed me over from my wargames Blog Frontline Gamer you'll almost certainly have a better idea of who I am and where I'm coming from. If you haven't then here's the short version, I'm a dyed in the wool geek. That's all things geek, be it math, comic books, collectible figurines (they're not toys so shut up!) wargames, card games and of course computer games. Given the depths to which I'll often go to sate my own geeky hungers you might be forgiven for thinking I might be some elitist snob...

I'm 100% not. I have no desire to tell people what is hardcore and what isn't (seriously, what does that tag even mean?). I'm not going to tell you what a game is or isn't, and I'm certainly not the sort of person who would ever limit the experiences I have with some arbitrary definitions. I love gaming of all varieties, and I just want to have a little place on the interwebs to call my own where I can have discussions things with fellow gamers of all flavours, that hopefully don't descend into rabid fanboy arguments and meaningless dichotomies. You have an opinion that's cool lets hear it, but don't shout others down for also having opinion's.

The world of computer games is far too awesome in my humble opinion to spend so much time and effort on banging our collective heads against a brick wall of ignorant dimwits. Nope, I want this to be a place to discuss philosophically my thoughts on gaming. I do have strong opinions, but I'm more than willing to listen to yours, if you have any, I won't shout you down or delete your comments if you disagree with me, it's not who I am. Just please remember to keep it civil and be nice to one and other, no insults or baiting. It'll not be tolerated. Peace out!

PS. I know this place looks as rough as nails right now, but I'm working on it. I've only just decided to start writing the thing so bear with me while I spruce the place up. Cheers.